Prime provides residential loss mitigation, legal, bankruptcy, title, valuation, analytics, insurance, diligence, collateral, construction and closing experts under one roof.


Accurate knowledge of the value and condition of underlying collateral is the key to successful loss mitigation. Input from Prime’s real estate team, who have performed thousands of home rehabs, dramatically improves the quality of all loss mit recommendations.


Prime’s deep experience and best practices in every facet of sub-performing or defective asset innovations include internally developed asset management software and NPV decisioning models for every key event in the life cycle of a distressed loan.


Prime sits between the investor and the loan servicer, advising the servicer on all key business decisions and micromanaging the handling of delinquent or defective assets.
Prime becomes the investor’s delegated servicer-contact for delinquent and defective assets, minimizing unnecessary investor interaction while providing best-of-class oversight and decisioning. The result is superior results with less time spent.
Without detailed, asset-level control, defective assets will waste time and drain returns unnecessarily from any loan portfolio.
Better customer service and fewer servicing errors results in reduced lender/servicer liability claims and fewer investor/servicer disputes, a win/win.
Prime’s objective is simple: The reduction in loss severity and increase in asset value of a portfolio managed by Prime will be a multiple of Prime’s fees, a no-cost proposition.
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